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10 fastest animals in the world

1. CHEETAH – 70 Miles / hour (112 km / h)

Cheetah is the fastest living creature that ever lived on land, can reach speeds of 112 km / h to 120 km / h on the track along the 460M (500yard), its ability to accelerate also can not be matched to any living creature, the cheetah can reach speeds of 0 km / h up to 110 km / h in just 3 seconds!

2. Antelope – 61 Miles / hour (80 km / h)

The animal was also suspected as the second fastest animal in the world, the maximum speed of this animal is very difficult to ascertain accurately, it is because each individual animal is having an ability that is different, these animals also have the ability to sprint for longer because it supported the space of lung and heart greater.

3. Wildebeest – 50 Miles / hour (80 km / h)

Wildebeest are other animals who rely on speed to evade predators, these animals are the big cat’s favorite food, it is because of habitat on land open African wildebeest, mreka is the largest community that can live to 20 years

4. Lion – 50 Miles / hour (80 km / h)

King of all hunters, the lions, do not need to have the speed to make himself as the best among the best, in the hunt for melangusngkan his life, the majority is done by the lioness, but the male lion that emotions can run to reach speeds 80km/jam

5. DEER Thompson – 50 Miles / hour (80 km / h)

Named after its inventor, Joseph Thompson, Deer Thompson is recognized worldwide as the best deer, both in terms of physical shape, speed, and cunning than any other deer species, in order to avoid the main enemy of the cheetah, deer can reach speeds of 80 km / h is accompanied by movement zigzag confusing, these deer also choose a better endurance than a cheetah (like a motorcycle, deer Thompson more fuel-efficient).

6. HORSE – 47.5 Miles / hour (76 km / h)


This type is the fastest horse Quarter Horse derives its name ‘quarters’ because in horse racing can lead the race almost a quarter of the length of the track (eg track 100 mtr, this horse can finish 25 meters in front of the second rank) of the other usual types of horses, this horse can achieve maximum speed of 76 miles per hour.

7. LARGE DEER – 46 Miles / hour (73.6 km / h)

large deer

Deer are often regarded as the world’s second largest deer, and also one of the largest mammals in North America and eastern Asia, in contrast to other high-speed animal, this animal is actually using its speed to escape predators, tp however, see the size and speed, though many predators hungry, prefer to carry out the attack to hunt these deer.

8. DOG HUNTER – 45 Miles / hour (72 km / h)

These dogs combine the speed and ingenuity in hunting prey, they hunt in packs and are very organized, one of the dogs prey drive place of unity, and other ajing ready to attack after another until the helpless prey.

9. Coyote – 43 Miles / hour (68.8 km / h)

Coyote use their speed to hunt small mammals such as rabbits, rats, squirrels, deer and cattle, meat-eating animals, live in groups, and hunt throughout the season.

10. Fox – 42 Miles / hour (67.2 km / h)

Foxes are hunters who consume the meat and vegetables. They use their speed to hunt rabbits, mice and even birds.


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