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8 Facts Causes Men Cheating

1. New adventures
Almost no men who have a plan for cheating. Normally, the drive appears suddenly. They do it because it felt it as a new and different adventure – that’s it!

2. There is an opportunity
Not infrequently, he had an affair because of the opportunities just fall into their laps. It often makes them feel miserable as hell, because they still want to feel good about themselves.

3. Spontaneous reaction
Decide for cheating is a spontaneous reaction. They feel unfortunately missed a golden opportunity that passes in front of the eye.

4. Getting rid of monotony
A relationship can sometimes seem so bland and monotonous for men, so they need to spice it up with a glance at another woman. In some cases, the act becomes a folly that they ultimately regret.

5. Not seriously committed
Be careful in a relationship if he’s not serious in committing. Such men usually just want to have fun and not too concerned with the relationship. So bored and constrained, they will soon leave you to find other women as victims.

6. Adrenalin
Although it sounds silly, but not a few men who had an affair just for the adrenaline boost. It’s no secret that the man is a creature who is infatuated with the challenge. According to them, cheating is the easiest way to adrenaline than if you had to steal a car.

7. Vengeance
Well, another with this one issue. There are also men who had an affair because it had first cheated by her lover. Oops! While it will not solve the problem, they’re quite content to see the face full of emotion when I discovered her lover’s revenge.

8. Not mentally strong
Some men tried repeatedly resisted the temptation to cheat. However, in some cases they are not mentally strong, so finally gave up, too.

source: translated from http://woamu.blogspot.com/2009/09/8-alasan-pria-berselingkuh.html

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