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Mysterious Animals from around the world

HERE ARE Mysterious Animals that lurk out there in the dark, that haunt the isolated forests of the world, that hide in the icy depths of the deepest lakes. They appear unexpectedly and inexplicably, then vanish just as mysteriously, usually leaving witnesses dumbfounded, frightened and, unfortunately in most cases, without a shred of evidence. Yet the eyewitness stories of these creatures persist, haunting the darkness as well as our imaginations. Here, for your consideration (and in no particular order) are the top 10 most mysterious, unexplained creatures of all time. Some are more likely to really exist than others, but we’ll leave that judgment up to you.

Ahool #1. Mysterious Animals

ahool #1. Mysterious Animals

Ahool is a giant bat. Wing span measuring more than 7 feet. These animals are never seen around Java.

Agogwe #2. Mysterious Animals

Agogwe are like human beings and the size is very small, like a dwarf. Often found in East Africa.

Arabhar #3. Mysterious Animals

Arabhar the giant flying serpent that is believed to be around the Arabian sea.

Tsuchinoko #4. Mysterious Animals

Snake species are very rare and strange, paunchy like bottles or bowling pins with a small tail-like rats. Ever seen in Hokkaido, Japan.

Yeti #5. Mysterious Animals

Similar to Bigfoot, appears in the Himalayan region.

Buru #6. Mysterious Animals

Lizard 15 feet long and dark. Found in the Himalayas and is believed to have been extinct. About its form is almost like the picture above.

Jersey Devil #7. Mysterious Animals

Horse-shaped animals that have wings like a bat and have a hand. Standing on two legs, was found in New Jersey, United States.

Mokele-Mbembe #8. Mysterious Animals

Believed to be a dinosaur surviving in the Congo, Africa.

Mothman #9. Mysterious Animals

Is a creature half human and half bat, have no neck, winged and red-eyed. First seen in 1966 and identified as UFH (Unidentified Flying Humanoid).

Ogopogo #10. Mysterious Animals

Sea monster that is similar to Nessie in Loch Ness lake. The difference was found in Ogopogo Lake Okanagan, Canada.


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