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10th Street’s most unique and wonderful in the world

1. Steepest Street, New Zealand

Claim: It is the steepest street in the world


2. Savoy Court, England

Claim: The only road in Britain that require riders to walk on the right. As we all know that people in England are always running to the left as we do in Indonesia (unlike in America and Europe more generally runs on the right), but there is one road in the UK that require riders to walk to the right, ie in Savor this Court.


3. The Magic Roundabout, England

Claim: the world’s worst roundabout

Built in 1972 and consists of 5 small roundabouts. To make matters worse, you have to travel, an anti-clockwise (opposite of the usual on British roundabouts situation), when you enter the center of a small roundabout.


4. Lombard Street, United States

Claim: The most tortuous path in the world


5. 9 de Julio Avenue, Argentina

Claim: The Way of the world’s most extensive

Has six lanes in each direction and spans the entire city block. There is one building that sits on the Avenue, but there are many famous landmarks in addition to – like the old French Embassy, ??the statue of Don, and the famous monument (seen in picture above) and the Plaza de la República.


6. Road To Giza, Egypt

Claims: asphalt road in the world’s oldest

The Road to Giza is the oldest paved street in the world. Built over 4600 years with a width of 6.5 feet. Connecting to the quarries Southwest of Cairo, to the dock at Lake Moeris connected to the Nile. The road used to transport large blocks of basalt to Giza where they are used for building.


7. Parliament Street, UK

Claim: Most narrow road in the world

This was a narrow street in the world with a size of 0.64 meters.


8. Pan-American Highway, The Americas

Claim: The world’s longest road

With a length of 48,000 kilometers (29,800 miles) and pass through 15 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and El salvador make this path as the longest street in the world.


9. Ebenezer Place, Scotland

Claim: the shortest path in the world

Measures just 2.06 meters (6.8 feet). There is only one house on this road, built in 1883. The building is a hotel (Mackays) and the owner has been instructed to paint the street name on the side. The road was inaugurated in 1887.


10. Gravity Hill, Various Locations

Claims: Path against the laws of Physics

When you park your car at the foot of the hill (sometimes also called magnetic hills or hill Mystery), the car will go up, not down. This is an optical illusion caused by the surrounding environment. If you are interested to visit the gravity hill, Wikipedia has a list and its location around the world.


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