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Second Montauk Monster found in Long Beach

In July 2008, a mysterious carcass waves swept ashore Montauk, a district in New York. The discovery was soon became headlines in major media in America. The identity of the creature is still a controversy and debate. Now, after almost a year, a mysterious carcass similar to the Montauk carcass washed up on shore of Long Island, also in New York.

For those who have never heard the Montauk Monster, this is her story:

On July 23, 2008, a local newspaper in Montauk, The Independent reported that a local resident named Jenna Hewitt (26 years) with 3 friends found a strange creature on July 12 at Ditch Plains Beach, 2 miles from the district.Hewitt said, “We are looking for a place to sit when we saw some people were gathered to see something … we do not know what it is …” Hewitt took some photos of these creatures.

One other witness said the bodies of the size of a cat. Speculation is growing states that the carcass is a turtle without a shell. But this theory is immediately denied because the shell could not be reversed without damaging the back of a turtle. Besides turtles have no teeth as seen in the photo. Fox News had broadcast the news that says that the carcass is a Capibara. While Larry Penny, director of East Hampton Natural Resources concluded that the carcass is a rakon who lost their upper jaw. This conclusion is supported by some scientists such as Jeff Corwin and Darren Naish. Further speculation that even mentions that the creature is a creature of the experimental results from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. While Plum Island Animal Disease Center, concluded that it is a dog carcass boxer who was mutilated.

The witnesses who saw him for some reason agreed to keep secret the location of the discovery of the carcass. The only source of supply is the photograph taken by Hewitt. Montauk Monster name first given by the famous Kriptozolog Loren Coleman. Since then the Montauk Monster worldwide.

In May 2009, The National Post reported that the www.montauk sites have found other dead. Nicky Papers which manages the website said that he was contacted by a husband and wife on May 5, which says that they probably found a dead monster Montauk again on the North Fork, Long Island, still in the New York area.

Papers then traveled to see the carcass. “The creature smelled like rotten garbage.” Write papers. “The smell was overpowering, and then I immediately take the carcass image.” Carcass was kept in the refrigerator by these couples. Papers believed that the creature is related to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center and is the result of experimental biology and even carrying the H1N1 virus.

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