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The Mystery of Loch Ness existence

The existence of the Loch Ness monster is still continues to be a mystery. The news was always drawing attention. Two residents in the UK revealed have seen the monster that became legend.

Page aol news proclaim, Saturday (19 / 2), Tom Pickles who was paddling canoe on lake Bowness in Cumbria, England, saw the existence of Nessie. He even had time to take pictures of the monster’s back with his cell phone camera.

“I think from a distance, I saw a big dog. However, I do not think there might be a dog that could swim so far. He also has a hump that moves up and down. It seems that animals also have a large shadow in the vicinity. It shows that mysterious animal was greater under water, “said Pickles.

Loch Ness Monster found 300x223 The existence of Loch ness Still become a Mystery

Sarah Harrington added, “When the animal came closer and closer towards our canoe, is very strange. His skin was like a sea dog. We saw it for 20 seconds before the animal’s mysterious escape from our sight.”

Previously, the existence of Nessie also been reported in Britain’s largest lake, Lake Windermere, 2006. Many who thought the creature was a dinosaur that still remain and live in the bottom of the lake.

loch ness monster attack 300x225 The existence of Loch ness Still become a Mystery


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