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This Giant Pig becomes a pet

When deciding to have a pet, Squicciarini family of Lecco, Italy, chose to treat a giant pig.

Cesira, so pig is called the female. Squicciarini family get Cesira when the pig is two months old.Cesira lucky, because he was cared for by family Squicciarini, he survived the milling machine pork.The whole family Squicciarini claimed to have fallen in love with Cesira who earlier discovered the smallest sized pig baby pig among others. However, now change Cesira Squicciarini family into a huge pig with a size of 88.9 kilograms.

Every day Cesira spend approximately three kilograms of fruits, vegetables and ice cream and sweets provided by Marina and her children Joel (13) and Rebecca (17), reports Dailymail on Monday (7/25/2011).

Attendance Cesira provide warmth for the family Squicciarini. Cesira had been trained in the Marina and her husband Ali woke each morning by pulling their blankets. In fact he has understood the garbage into the trash. Or watching television with other family members at night.


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