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10 Interesting Cat Facts

Beside Dog, cat is close counterpart of human. Historically, Cat is ancient and their present has been known since the time of ancient Egyptian. Here, I am going to give you 10 amazing facts about cat you have never known before:
1.Fact 1:

Various cat breed

We have more than 500,000,000 domesticated cats worldwide and they are available in 33 different species. Some species are worth more than $1000 because of their rarity and originality. According to American demographic magazines, it is estimated that 200 million kitties yawn per hour.
2.Fact 2:
A Nose of every cat is unique. It is like a our fingerprint. Their temperature is commonly warmer than human and their heart bits 110-140 per minute. It is faster than human does.

3.Fact 3:
The biggest cat’s variant is Ragdoll. Every male ragdoll can grow up to 12-20 pounds while the female is 10-15 pounds. At the other side, the smallest cat breed ever been identified is Singapura. Singapura,s male can weight up to 6 pounds while the female is 4 pounds.

4. Fact 4:
If you had toured to zoo and see wildcat, you will notice that they don’t hold their tail vertically as the cat in your house. Wild cat keep their tail horizontally or tucked it between their legs while they are walking.
5. Fact 5:

persian cat bluebell1 10 Interesting Cat Facts
Persian Cat

One female cat that broke a record as most breeders kittens was Dusty , A Texas Tabby breed from Texas. She was broke the record in 1952 and she was breeding 420 kittens before she died at the age of 18
-A cat with the most surviving litter was a Persian cat named Bluebell from South Africa. Bluebell once successfully delivered 14 kittens in a litter.
6. Fact 6:
Most cat have 290 bones and all those bones structures 517 muscles and all cats have inner ear canal that make them remained unharmed when they are falling from the high place. Compare to human, Cat has 5 extra spinal column.
7. Fact 7:
In the animal world, only Cat (families), giraffe and camel that walks with both their right and left feet accordingly.

8. Fact 8:
Cat sees in Color but it is not perfect as human does. They have red and green color blindness. In their brain, green appears red and reverse. Although cat night visions much better then us, everything in front eye’s cat appears hazy.

9. Fact 9;
The eye’s color of kitten changes over time. After they are born, Kitten is barely seeing nor hears. After 2 weeks, kitten begins to hear and their eyesight commonly improved in the last 5 days. Kitten begins to walk at the age of 20 days and begins to dream at the age of 1 week.

10. Fact 10:

cat fat 10 Interesting Cat Facts
Princess Chunck 44 pounds

Base of Guinness world record, the heaviest cat breed in the world is an Australian Cat “Himmy” that broke a record 46 pounds and 15,25 ounces in 1986.His waist alone was 33 inches wide. Still from Guinness, the tinniest cat ever been recorded is a Himalayan Persian cat from Illinois name Tinker Toy. His weight was mere 1 pounds 8 ounces and their size is 7,25 inches long and 2,75 inches tall.
Last cat facts is they hate anything smells like lemon, orange, or citric. Use citric base air freshener or sprayer to save you furniture from cat claws.

source: http://www.factsofworld.com/cat-facts

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