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10 Interesting about Dolphin Facts

We know Dolphin is a cheerful fish, playful, active, smart, and sometime they do not mind to help human who trapped in life-threatening situations on the ocean. I personally love dolphins and here, I like to talk about 10 interesting fact about dolphins you have never known before.
1. Smallest and Largest Dolphin

fact about dolphin orca spyhopping noaa 10 Interesting Dolphin Facts

Dolphins are available on different size and name and in the classification the smallest dolphin in the world, we have Porpoise vaquita (Phocaena sinus), which lives in Sea of Cortez. The length is mere 1.5 meter or 5 feet and the weight is 110 pounds/50 kg. At the other side, the biggest dolphin’s species in the world belong to Orca, which can weighting up to 6 tons and lengthen 27 feet long or 8 meters


2. Amazing features of Dolphin
Since they were born, Dolphins has amazing features such as adaptable eyes, ultrasound sensory, and special skin, which make dolphin warm called blubber. Out of their smelling sense, Dolphin always has something special

3. Dolphin’s herd
Dolphin is rarely live solely. Most dolphins are living on a herd and each group can compose view up to a thousand dolphins or more. Usually, the herd positioned the females on the inner march and 3 to 4 fertile females commonly surround the dominant one
4. Dolphin Defense mechanism
Instinctively, Dolphin has natural defense mechanism to keep half of their brain active while they are sleeping. When the half brain is active, the other half is idle or resting. However, A Dolphin which was born in the zoo seems does not need to do this
5. Special Mammal


No matter how long they live under the ocean, Dolphins is always a mammal. To pump their blood they need oxygen just like a human. However, unlike us, Dolphin only needs half-second to inspire new oxygen and keep it for 15 minutes. Almost all dolphins can do this include infamous bottlenose dolphin.
6. Dolphins communication
Dolphins communicate using different signals start from clicks, pulses, whistle and combination of all these signals. Their echo sounder routes from 250Hz until 220 kHz and they commonly use the acoustic sonar to draw mental images, to locate preys, to communicate and to map submarine objects
7. Amazing Hunting skill
Dolphin has unique hunting techniques and they mainly advantage the number of their group and ultrasound communications they master to circle shoal and direct them off the water. Once the shoal reaches the surface and panic, dolphins jump to the panic shoal and they swallow these fishes as much as they can. Occasionally, anglers and marine predators follow the event.
8. Female Dolphin
A male dolphin mates for breeding and recreations. It usually last for 15 to 20 seconds and if the female fertile, it will gestate 10 months or 1 year to breed a new calf. Once the calf was born, the female dolphin will milk the calf up to 9 months. During this period, the calf sucks 3.4 liters daily and before their lips fully developed, the calf uses their rostrum to eject the milk from the nipple
9. Amazing abilities
Dolphins are born for the sea and as mammals; they are perfect swimmer, strong diver, and high jumper. Some species can swim fast underwater up to 40km/hour, submerge 300 meters deep, hold oxygen up to half hour, and jumped off the water 6 meters high. Bottlenose dolphin is one of them
10. Best Men’s friend on the sea

fact about dolphin Dolphin Therapy 10 Interesting Dolphin FactsDolphin therapy

Last dolphin facts, Dolphin is one of men best friends. Sometimes they help anglers net more fishes, assist safe patrol finding sunken ships, help swimmer from drowning or sharks, and aids doctors to cure autistic children and loads more.

source: http://www.factsofworld.com/dolphin-facts

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