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10 Interesting about Lion Facts

Lion is a big carnivore that bogs many jungles and Savannah of the earth since 2 million years ago. That ancient time, Lion is larger, heavier, fiercer, and live much longer than modern tiger. Here, we are going to talk about 10 amazing fact about Lion. Some of the facts are popular so you might won’t be surprise finding it again here.

1. Fact 1

fact about lion tiglon 10 Interesting Lion Factstiglon

Biologist classified Lion in 7 different species. 6 of them are African, American, Mountain, Asiatic, Cave, White Lion and Hybrid. One of the famous hybrid lion is Tiglon. They were born from the genetically mating Tiger DNA and Lion.

2. Fact 2
Lion has nickname Lion. Female lion has nickname She-lion or lioness, Lion’s infant is called Cub, Lionet or Whelp and a group of Lion is called Pride.
3. Fact 3
Physically, Male lion is bigger and can be 10 feet long and 300-500 lbs in weight after full-grown. They are territorial, open Savannah with bushes are they favorite places and they marks their territory with their urine.
4. Fact 4
Lion can live longer in 10 years longer in captivity. In the wild zone, Lion can live up to 15 years. After 4 years, a female lion reaches maturity and male follow to reach its mature period a year later
5. Fact 5

lion mane

The sign of stronger and more dominant lion can be seen from the mane. When it is fuller and darker that means the lion is more potent.

6. Fact 6
Lion hates hyena and Hyena is stubborn thief. Everywhere Lion goes, Hyena follows them. Not rare, they can take over the lion’s prey and scare lion with their herd.

7. Fact 7
Lions communicate with different ways and one of them is roaring. Lion’s rare has strong sonic wave and once they cast it, it will spreads at all direction 5 miles away

8. Fact 8
In the herd of Lion, Female lion hunts more prey but sadly, it is the male eats more meat. Female lion is also consuming less meat than the male. Male lion consumes 15 pounds of meat in a day while female eats 11 pounds

9. Fact 9
For lion hunters, perfect time to hunt starts from night until dawn. They spots small prey, old, sick or wounded zebras and wildebeests. Once they see sun, it is time to sleep, play or just being lazy.
10.Fact 10

lion fact fact 10 10 Interesting Lion Factswild lion

Last Lion Facts, Lion now is a protected animal according to World Conservation Union. Law protects lion in the wild and in the zoo. Hunting them could trap any hunter for a very long time

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