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10 Interesting Polar Bear Facts

Because of Global warming effect, Polar bear is one of the most suffered animals on the planet. It seems no solution available for this animal unless we scrape them from the wild and move them to the zoo until ice age come. In this post, we are going to study 10 facts about polar bear, which might help your science work at school. Let’s begin from the 1st point
1. Polar bear’s cub and predator

Polar bear cub

Cubs of Polar bear are vulnerable and they could not hear nor see before one month old. A female polar will remain supervised their cubs until 2 years and a half. Some of the main predators of polar bear cubs is a male polar bear and men.

2. Polar bear’s hunting technique
Polar bear has developed a unique hunting system and to camouflage their present, they cover their nose with snow first to unmark their black nose. If their not hunting, polar bear once again spot their nose with snow if he/she smells stinky fart from their herd

3. Polar bear’s age
Commonly, polar bear live up to 20 until a quarter decade. In special case, one or two wild polar bears can live up to 32 years old. In a cage, one female polar bear named Debby had lived up to 43 years old. She was caged in Assiniboine Park zoo and the zoo had raised the bear since 1966-1998.

4. Polar bear’s appetite
Polar bear has enormous appetite careless the gender. They can eat meat weighting 10% of their body weight under 60 minutes. If they are starving, they can finish the meat quicker

5. Polar bear’s sad fact

Polar Bears on Ice Pack a 001 10 Interesting Polar Bear FactsPolar bear herd

Global warming brings severe impacts to polar bear habitat and it stress habitat on polar region. Ices are melting, polar bear should swim longer and harder to catch seal and view of them found dead while hunting. Around 6 years ago, some people found 4 polar bears float dead after swimming chasing seals

6. How to Prank polar bear ?
if you want to prank an innocent polar bear and spent a night in prison, spray antiseptic sprayer to a polar bear’s fur while they are sleeping and see what happen next. If you find the fur turns to be purple, run as fast and as far as you could because soon the zookeepers will hunt you down and sue you

7. Human versus Polar bear
Human and bear have 2 weapons to kill each other. Human can use gun to kill bear or kill them slowly and painfully through global warming. At the other side, Polar bear can kill human through their attack and if their attack does not working, through their liver. Polar bear’s liver contain high composition of Vitamin A and it is fatal for human and dog

8. Are they wingless bird or mammals?
Some biologists classify Polar bear in a family of marine mammal and some believe polar bear is descended from a bird. In other word, Polar bear is like a penguin
9. A polar bear is hibernating only if it is female and pregnant.

10. Global warming effect

polar bear fact global warming 10 Interesting Polar Bear FactsPolar bear trap on ice bed

According to US Geological Survey, by 2050, total polar bear population will be minus 60% in all Europe, Alaska and Asia. By 2080, it is predicted that Greenland and northern Canadian region will have no polar bear. The only place where we could see polar bear population would be in the deep Arctic Archipelago.
This 10th point closes our polar bear facts in this post and I hope you do not mind to share your opinion related to the topic

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