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10 Interesting Seahorse Facts

Commonly called the Stallion of the Sea, there are many seahorse facts that you may or may not be aware of. Below are the top 10 seahorse facts that you may find incredibly interesting.

1. Although seahorses are bony fish, they wear a very thin skin that is stretched over bony plates rather than being dressed with scales.

seahorse tiny skin 10 Interesting Seahorse Factsseahorse tiny skin


2. During mating, female seahorses will deposit their eggs into the pouch of the male who then fertilizes the eggs internally, carrying them until they emerge.

seahorse couple 10 Interesting Seahorse Factsseahorse couple


3. A seahorse wears a coronet on its head that can be compared to a human fingerprint.

head 10 Interesting Seahorse Factshead


4. Seahorses synchronize their movements so the males are ready to receive the eggs from the females at the appropriate time.

seahorse 10 Interesting Seahorse Factsseahorse


5. One of the most interesting seahorse facts is that they are almost always found resting because they are very poor swimmers.

resting 10 Interesting Seahorse Factsresting


6. When resting, the seahorse will wrap its prehensile tail around a stationary object, similar to a monkey.

seahorse with tail 10 Interesting Seahorse Factsseahorse with tail


7. Seahorses engage in an eight hour courtship dance which includes spinning around, swimming side by side and changing colors.

seahorse changing colours 10 Interesting Seahorse Factsseahorse changing colours


8. At birth, as little as 5 or as many as 1,500 youngs can be born.

seahorse baby 10 Interesting Seahorse Factsseahorse baby


9. A seahorse does not have teeth or a stomach, so food passes through them quickly which requires them to constantly eat to stay alive.

sea horse 10 Interesting Seahorse Factssea horse


10. The oldest seahorse factsfossil recorded dates back over three million years ago.

seahorse-fossilsource: http://www.factsofworld.com/seahorse-facts

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