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10 Those who died by the Animals

Nature is beautiful, but also can be deadly, and sometimes, really bad.Here is a list of ten most gruesome ways in which animals can kill you.

10. Electricity stung by an electric eel

Electric eel is one of the occupants in the river off South America. Not just one, but three special organs to produce a sufficiently strong electric current (600 volts, sometimes more) is enough to make the unconscious or kill an adult human. It is believed to be the explanation that the number of missing people who were swimming in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers, because they can be shocked by an electric eel and then drowned. Many of these deaths are often blamed on attacks by predators such as piranhas or a caiman.

9. Strangled by a python / anaconda

python and anaconda is not venomous. They have very sharp teeth for gripping prey, but they rely on constriction to kill. This means, they are wrapped around the victim and squeezed so that prey poor who do not have room to breathe. Each time the victim tried to draw breath, the snake squeezes harder. Winding turn this off so strong that even the blood can not flow.

8. Drowned & torn by crocodile

Among the large predators, crocodiles are killing large numbers of people every year. They often said some animals see humans as prey remains. Crocodiles have killed technique headliner, the “death spin”. Crocodile holds its prey with its jaws (usually the neck), dragged him into the water and rotate his body, is usually sufficient to cut the unfortunate victim’s body.
The most frightening part is that crocodiles really do not care if the prey is alive or dead when it starts to eat it.

7. Penetrating Brain bitten by a jaguar

How to kill the jaguar is different from other relatives fellow cat or lion, which usually bite the neck of their prey or to break it, but biting through the skull and penetrated the brain, causing instant death. This is because long fangs and thick, and very strong jaws to do this (in fact, its bite is stronger than the lion or tiger, relative to its size). Jaguar did not bite through the top of the skull, but stuck its fangs into the victim’s ear! Can you imagine a giant cat’s fangs piercing through your ears and into your brain?

6. Giant Bird torn by cassowary

Cassowary entered by Guinness World Records as the birds in the world’s most dangerous, Cassowary has claws, like a big dagger at the end of both legs. When dealing with him, he will jump into the air and kicking the enemy, using deadly claws cause serious injury. This kick is powerful enough to solve your internal organs and cause massive bleeding and lead to death.

5. The face is torn apart by a sloth bear

Sloth bears are found mostly in India and Sri Lanka, where the natives they were afraid of him than tigers or snakes. It is said that they were tortured at least one person / week in India, and they seem to often attack without provocation. If you confront him, sloth bear is a possibility of attacking you.
Killed by a Bear Sloth is horrible because of how they use their teeth very long, sharp claws to tear the victim’s face. Those lucky enough to escape death after an attack sloth bears, usually have lost one of both eyes, nose, lips, etc.

4. Choking ant by ant siafu

This species is the only insect known to Africa actually attack and eat humans.Attacks against people usually sleep, abandoned baby, and at least one person drunk with a broken leg and could not escape from army ants, have all been reported killed.
What makes this insect so scary, is that they could bite and sting, but it’s not the way they kill you. During the attack, they will try to go into the gap they could find, including the mouth and nose, and said the victim died of asphyxia after the ants crawl into the victim’s lungs!

3. Painful Infection by candiru

Candiru will swim into the urethra or anus of people, both male and female, and stuck in there with sharp thorns. It is very painful and potentially deadly, because when the human victim leaves the water, the fish will die and his body began to decompose. The resulting infection has caused many deaths in remote areas in South America where there are no hospitals, for surgical procedures should be necessary to remove fish from your private parts.

2. Eaten alive by a wolf / hyena

Indeed, it is not uncommon for animals to chew their prey while still alive intestine.But not for wolves or hyenas. Death is usually due to shock their prey or blood loss, but still, a voracious predator of life while the growling in your stomach contents is very scary to most people,

1. Dead Hunger by tapeworm

Tapeworm can be transferred to you through eating raw or undercooked meat. After ingestion, the creature will attach itself to the intestinal wall and absorb all the nutrients from the host’s food, if untreated, tapeworm infection can eventually cause death by starvation, sometimes tapeworm larvae can find their way into your brain, causing seizures, and all kinds of neurological problems. Thus, there is the possibility of seizures has a worm in your brain before you starve to death because the adult worms in your colon.
source: http://temperer.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/10-cara-paling-mengerikan-mati-di-tangan-hewan

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