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An orange Crocodile found in Florida

Florida is famous for its orange groves, but the crocodile color orange is not a common sight. These animals often sunbathe on the dock Nevada.

The existence of the animals realize a grandmother who lives in Srrento Woods, Venice, Florida, United States, named Sylvia Methen. He pleaded not bumped into the odd-colored animals.

“I was on my way home and saw the animal. I initially did not believe it. But this is a crocodile orange, “said Methen. This woman is not the only eyewitness.

“The animal seemed to be soaking up the sun on the dock seemed only concerned with itself,” said Phillip Crosby.

Furthermore, Methen contacted a biologist to ask for explanations such amazing color.

“His findings were probably an albino alligator. This is an albino with an excess of color so it does not completely albino, “said Methen.

Crosby also added that he saw a crocodile is like an orange that is running. But, he did not believe it’s an albino alligator. He considered that animals exposed to water so that the odd-colored rust


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