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A Frog eating a snakes

Camera caught a frog eating a snake in China. Extraordinary natural phenomena can be captured by the rare cameras. Section, which generally happens is that snakes eat frogs and not vice versa.

Photos of the mountain frog eating a poisonous snake Jerdon, successfully captured by a tourist visiting Qingcheng Mountain Park in Sichuan, central China.

Longzhong Ran, who is from Chongqing, reveals to IC Media that he could scarcely believe his eyesight and he was pleased to be able to capture the natural phenomenon in the form of photographs.

“When I was a walking in the mountains,  suddenly I saw a frog eating a snake and the snake was still alive and struggling,” he said.

“Within five minutes, the frog can eat up the snake. Hard to believe a snake can be defeated by the prey predator. ”

The same astonishment was expressed by animal experts. They recognize that natural phenomena snakes eat frogs were never heard before.

SOURCE: http://amazingnotes.com/2010/09/21/frog-eating-snakes/

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