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Mysterious Tree Which Shaped Woman Climbing

Blog News take a picture of this tree from the Daily Local media websites, the United States, which was photographed by Larry McDevitt at West Chester. The tree was already in the park Everhart Park, West Chester, since around 1905.

At the center of the trunk visible shape that resembles a woman stood facing toward the tree, back to the people, with left leg raised, his left hand reaching for a branch, and his right hand hugging a tree.

Kathleen Keane writes for the Daily Local, a husband and wife, Tom and Carolyn, are always amazed to see the tree, as well as other residents there. Tom’s parents have long been happy looking tree. Tom and his wife, even to the home kitchen renovation so that they can freely look at the tree.

This tree is 100 years old and expected to die soon. Tom’s family feel sad to know.


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