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3000 Cobra Spread Terror in China

A city in China created sensation and a lot of citizens who decide to leave their homes after the 3000 king cobra eggs illegally out of their cages and escaped from the owner.

The eggs actually hatched to supply the needs of traditional health care industry and kept in a cage in a house in town Xianling, southwestern China.

But babies are newly hatched snake had escaped from a hole in their cage and spread terror throughout the city, reports the Orange.co.uk (25/10).

“We’re not sure how many snakes are loose, but so far we’ve managed to catch 170 fish. We estimate that there are many floating around,” said police spokesman.

Adult cobras length can reach approximately 35 meters. Snake is also known as the world’s deadliest snakes and can kill with just one bite.

Cai Yong, the illegal breeders are now under sentence of imprisonment for breeding venomous snakes without a license.

source: http://amazingnotes.com/2010/11/10/3000-cobra-spread-terror-in-china/

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