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Candiru, Exceed Piranha,Most Dangerous Fish

Candiru canero also called a type of freshwater fish in the catfish family. This fish can be found in rivers and streams Oranoco amazon, this fish has a reputation as the most feared fish by the locals, this fish is more in fear than the piranha fish. This fish can only grow to the size of 1 to 2 inches and width 4 to 6 millimeters, have a shape like an eel and nearly transparent, making it almost impossible to be seen in the water. Fish that are fast, strong swimmers, soft and smooth, with sharp teeth.

There are 3 species candiru: candiru sized finger and a toothpick-sized candiru usually eat in a way to enter the larger fish, whales candiru (candiru whale) is carrion eaters who prefer to eat from a dead fish

Fish candiru is a parasite, the modus operandi is very simple and brutal: to find fish, fish candiru first taste of water, trying to find out the flow of water from other fish, knowing where the water flow, the fish will go directly to the crevices fin fish, there are thorns in the head candiru will hurt fish gills and bleed while candiru fish inside the fish. So candiru fish called the vampire fish of Brazil.
el pez vampiro Candiru, Exceed Piranha,Most Dangerous Fish
This fish is feared because he is attracted to urine or blood, and if someone swimming naked she will go to crack the anus or vagina, or even if a small fish into the hole the penis – and possibly into the urethra). When this happens the fish very difficult candirú taken back except through surgery. Because these fish find their prey by following the flow of water from the gills to its source, urinating while swimming increases the likelihood candirú into the human urethra.

How to kill this fish is the traditional treatment, with water from two plants: apples Buitach Xagua and inserted into the affected area. The second plant will dissolve the fish. It can also memalui operation, but operating costs and waktu.Lebih often, infection causes shock and death of the victim before candiru can be taken.


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