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Giant Catfish Caught in Italy

Giant catfish that live in the depths of this river have broken the record largest freshwater fish in Europe.

With a length of 8.2 feet and weigh over 250 pounds, the giant catfish was subdued after a struggle exhausting about 45 minutes.

Angler big balls, Roberto Godi, almost thrown into the water when these fierce animals eat the bait.

After a fierce struggle, a few other fishermen rushed to help him lift the giant fish.

Weight reached 250 pounds – made a number of anglers late in the fun.

This type of fish, not only as the largest haul in Europe, but also a kind of the biggest catfish ever caught in the world.

Breaking the previous record was the catfish weighing 246 pounds – 14 on, who captured the French angler, Christophe Dubreuil on the river Ebro, Spain.

Fish that are netted by Roberto (32) in the River Po, in Mantova, northern Italy, has been released back into a safe habitat.

As reported by the Daily Mail (4 / 06), Alberto Bartoli, who along with captain Roberto, said, “Initially we thought it was a medium-sized fish, but then Roberto felt the pressure of the water and we realized it was a big fish.”

Roberto Godi with giant catfish catches – is the world’s largest species of this type. (BNPS.CO.UK)

“It took about 45 minutes to roll the rod, it is a really long fight.”

“When he grabbed it, all the other fisherman was so shocked, we knew the fish was big enough.”

“He said he was never so happy, because the fish is the biggest fish he ever caught. Roberto was happy because the fish do not hurt at all when it is returned to its habitat. “Simon Clarke, secretary IkanLele Conservation Group, believes these catfish ranging in age from 20 to 30 years.

Simon says, “This is the biggest catfish I’ve ever seen in 25 years. I think there may be a bigger catfish. ”

“The weight of this fish can reach 300 pounds but not more than that. I’ve never seen a bigger picture. ”

“When the fish has reached more than 100 pounds of weight, physical strength will be more powerful than you. This is a fantastic achievement. “Roberto has presented a catch to the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA), which is expected to be confirmed as a record.

Jack Vitek, from the IGFA said, “The record is still being verified, it takes some research we do, but hopefully will soon be confirmed.


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