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Pig with Two Legs is Popular in China

A pig is born with only two front legs became popular in China because it learned to walk.

10-month-old female pig was trying to balance her body and walks with his front paws though now weighs more than 50kg.

Local villagers named the pig was known as Zhu Jianqiang (strong-willed or pig), and every day there are people who gathered at the home page of the owner where the pig was there.

Wang Xihai, from the village of Liuqiao, Xincai County, Henan Province, central China said that his pig is one of nine other pigs that were born in the midst of garbage in January last.

“My wife has advised me to get rid of that poor animal, but I refused. I feel sorry for the pig also has a life,” he explained.

“I thought I should let him know who the pig was able to survive, and miraculously the pigs can indeed survive.”

Wang began to train the pigs are born with disabilities were walking when she was only a few days by pulling its tail upward.

“I train the pigs were a little bit every day, after a month passed she finally can walk alone,” he said.

“A circus had offered money to buy a pig, but I do not want to sell no matter how much money is offered.”

source: http://amazingnotes.com/2010/11/13/pig-with-two-legs-is-popular-in-china/

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