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Researchers Discover the Largest Spider Web

A new species of spiders that live in Madagascar is known as the maker of the world’s longest and largest spider web, up to 25 meters.

Spiders are also the largest maker ball nets, and build it from the biomaterials are not known yet, the scientists said.

Darwin leather spider which is a new species to science, weaving webs of large rivers flowing above, stretching from shore to shore.

This very large nets can capture up to 30 insects or more at the same time.

Darwin leather spider is weaving expert soccer nets, netting the most famous designs.

But the web of this spider is the largest up to 2.8 square meters.

The biggest ball before netting are the property of spider genus Nephila.

Years ago a new species of spiders that weave a giant ball Nephila (komaci) are found in Africa and Madagascar that can weave the nets up to one meter.

But the nets are smaller when compared with  Darwin spider web.

“They build nets hung just above the river or lake water body, a habitat that will not be populated by other spiders,” said Professor Ingi Agnarsson, director of the Museum of Zoology at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan to get the discovery with colleagues .

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