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Strange Four Legged Snake found

Four-legged snake was discovered by a Chinese resident named Dean Qiongxiu, 66 years old. He told have found a snake that hanging on the walls of his house. But strangely snake hanging by using the claws on the feet.

“I wake up, and heard a sound like scratching hard enough. Then I turned on the light, and saw this monster was crawling using his claws on the wall of the house. “said Dean Qiongxiu.

Dean Qiongxiu felt scared to see it. So with immediately, he also beat the snake to death. Then he was dead snake preserved in a bottle containing alcohol.

16 Inches long snake was strange to have such a ukurannnya radius small. Now the snake was being investigated by China’s West Normal University in Nanchang.
A snake expert named Long Shuai said: “This is very surprising, but we do not know the causes of rarity in this snake before we perform an autopsy.”

Usually a genetic mutation occurs in snakes is growing two heads that appear with the same process as conjoined twins in humans. Is foot snake that grows on these belong to the genetic mutation? Or because there are other factors that influence it? We do not know.


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