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A White Whale discovered in Australia

A white whale accidentally discovered by a resident of Queensland, Australia who are enjoying the time on vacation in the Great Barrier Reef.

Wayne Fewings who was then dive together with relatives at the port of Cid, Whitsunday Island when he saw a white owl from the whale.

Wayne also mentioned that experience as the first experience of a lifetime.

The presence of white whales are fairly rare. On the east coast of Australia, there are only about 10 to 15 white whales of the 15,000 whales that live in the sea.

“We were really surprised when I saw those whales. Even I could not believe what my eyes see.” Wayne said, as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (09/30/2011).

“Then the white whale approached the boat we were traveling, as if to check us all. I myself was very surprised when I saw this animal,” he continued.

Officially, the Great Reef Barries estimates stem from the white whale is most likely the dark humpback whale, which has a gene derived white whale. But it was likely one of the main whale is white whale itself.

The appearance of a white whale that scandalize many citizens, creating much speculation about the existence of such differences.

The Pope is alleged is Migaloo, the famous white whale since 1991. Migallo itself is taken from the Aboriginal name meaning ‘whitefella’.


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