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This goat like drinking coffee

Humans like to drink coffee was very ordinary, but what if the goats are addicted to drink coffee. No half-hearted, because it is an addiction, female goat named Lucy was usually spent three to five cups of black coffee a day.


The owner was reluctant to sell his favorite goat despite the high prices. He pledged to maintain until death. Lucy only takes a few seconds to drink a cup of coffee. Do not get me wrong Lucy is a 6 year old female goat maintained by Ms. Karim in a cage in Kampong Java, Denpasar.

According to Karim, Sunday (04/24/2011), Lucy was used to drinking coffee since childhood. Lucy’s favorite coffee drinking began in often approach people who are busy drinking coffee.

Because it is often approached, people gave him a coffee remaining in the glass. Habits it still does today. No wonder if it is not served coffee, Lucy will scream like a hungry goat. Lucy is quite unique indulgence makes Karim with his family entertained. They are never reluctant to sell the goat though offered with a high price.

In addition to coffee, Lucy also likes to eat regular food humans eat, such as crackers, rice, and ice. Karim willingly give him the food, like his own son.


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