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This is what Happens If mosquitoes become extinct from Earth

Mosquitoes, being this one is probably one of the most hated human beings of the earth, called also disturbing and also spread the disease. but from the many positive effects of these mosquitoes were a big thing that could happen if mosquitoes dimusnahkah from the earth.

Of the more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes in the face of this earth, there are really only hundreds of species that attack humans. However, it can not be denied, mosquitoes become one of the main enemy, because the transmit many deadly diseases.

Various attempts were ever made by humans to eliminate mosquitoes, especially certain types of infectious diseases. Most of it is still limited to research in the laboratory, but the outlook is promising.

One of them ever conducted by a team from the University of Oxford. Genetic engineering is done the team successfully created a male mosquitoes that if married female mosquito, it will produce wingless mosquitoes.

Although able to bite, the mutant mosquitoes could not fly, because it has no wings.Because female mosquitoes must fly to be able to drink blood, over time the mosquitoes can not breed, and then become extinct.

With the same technology, a team from the University of Arizona also produce mosquitoes resistant virus anophales malaria. Although not aiming to eradicate mosquitoes, it also aims to eliminate malaria.

If the mosquitoes mutant that could be mass produced and released into the nature and causes of extinction, the impact of what will happen?

Quoted from Nature, the greatest impact of the extinction of mosquito habitat would occur in the tundra (ice fields), the north pole. In the place which is the largest nest for Aedes mosquito species Aedes Impiger and Nigripes, migratory birds will be reduced by 50 percent, due to the reduced one of the favorite food of the birds.

Migration of other animals will also be affected, among other similar caribou or reindeer.Thousands of caribou that were previously avoiding mosquito bites would invade tundra regions, and then followed the wolves who are the main predators of caribou.

Species of mosquito-eating fish, Gambusia affinis also endangered, if the mosquitoes are gone. Extinction of fish is a bit much of course will also impact on the food chain in freshwater waters.

Moreover, larvae or mosquito larvae also play a role in the decomposition of organic waste. While in a puddle of water, these larvae obtain nutrients to grow from the remains of decaying plants.

However, many people assessing, the impact occurred in the ecosystem, comparable with the mortality rate in humans caused by mosquito bites. Malaria, for example, recorded swallow 247 million people around the world each year.

Moreover, experts believe, the various types of insectivores (insect eaters) will not be too difficult to adapt to switch prey on other insects if there is no mosquito. As for the decomposition of organic waste, the role of mosquito larvae is not indispensable because there are many other types of decomposers.

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