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This is the answer to Why Bats Hiding When Rain

Several species of bats still able to fly in conditions of light drizzle. But when the heavy rains, they immediately seek shelter. New research published in the journal Biology Letters reveals the reason why bats do that.

Apparently, the bat must try harder to be able to fly when the feathers and their wings are wet.

In a series of studies conducted in Costa Rica, researchers studied the behavior of Sowell bat (Carollia sowelli) short-tailed species of the family Phyllostomidae bats are commonly found around Mexico, Central America, to Panama as they fly in captivity are spacious.

Occasionally, quoted from Science Now, May 4, 2011, researchers bats moistened with tap water, sometimes to let the bats fly wet under the rain precipitation.

From the research revealed that the bats that use energy more than twice as large as they fly in wet conditions than if they were flying in dry conditions.

Flying in rain conditions are no different. This eliminate the alleged existence of a mechanical problem caused by raindrops falling on their wings or weight of water droplets on them.

According to researchers, wet bat, just like other mammals being wet, cold. For that, they need to work harder to keep their bodies warm. In addition, with the number of water over the hair and moisturize their wings, drenched conditions is also of course make the bats become aerodynamic to fly.

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