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Scientists try to clone mammoth

Giant ancient animals, mammoths became extinct 10,000 years ago. But, if a set of scientists from Russia and Japan succeeded in doing research, then we could see the giant beast’s back walking on this earth.

The reason, scientists believe it could clone mammoths. Belief that they get after finding bone marrow tissue from thigh of frozen mammoth carcasses in ice in Siberia.

As reported by page, this time, a Japanese researcher named Iritani and his team of researchers from Russia and America is preparing cloning mammoths whose results are expected to know within five to six years later.

The plan, these researchers will include mammoth cell’s nucleus into an elephant egg cell. Where previously an elephant egg cell nucleus is removed first. The result will be a giant embryo-containing genes.

Furthermore, they will insert the embryo into the womb of elephant life. The gestation period will last two years, after which the team hoped-giant-baby will be born into the earth.

Actually, there are doubts among the team of scientists of Japan and Russia regarding the potential success of this cloning. Some argue cloning with these frozen cells will fail.

But they soon eliminate that doubt. Scientists will use the cloning technique that has been initiated in 2008. Where Japanese scientists have cloned a rat using mouse cells that have been frozen for 16 years. Scientists hope the same technique will work for this giant.

It is estimated that around 150 million mammoths buried in Siberian permafrost. The researchers say if cloning is successful, it will probably provide clues cause of these extinct giants.

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