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Ten head Snake found

Ten head Snake, which has been found with a length of 4 meters with a diameter of 20 cm l killed one resident who was working when cleaning these plantations. Incident took place on Saturday (05/11/2011) at approximately 7:00 pm.

“The Ten head Snake had bitten one of company emplooyee, where victims who do not know his name, has worked there  when plunged the knife into the grass, the snake suddenly appeared and bit the man, “said Hendri.

He added again, that when the weather is overcast working position, the victim who died instantly when bitten we bolt to the nearest clinic, but unfortunately can not be saved.

One of the residents who helped the victim explained to the citizens of a cascade of durian, that when the victim at the stake snake, the victim immediately yelled, and the snake has not run away, and that moment we saw the snake has one head and standing positions throughout the 1-meter and above.

And as long as the victim at his colleagues for help, the snake is still in embryo and not flee. And the friend of the victim can not do anything because of the direct victim was pale and shivering.
ten head cobra Ten head Snake found
And the 25-minute intervals the snake raises its head amounted to 3, and the foremen saw the snake was coming more and add the head until they numbered ten. And one of the foremen to take photos quickly. After taken picture of the Ten head Snake the foreman suddenly shocked because snakes are fast disappearing, “said the foreman explained seden when taking pictures.

Other information also mentioned that the Ten head Snake had twice found by citizens while working in the field and appears garden, and the embryo in the same place the victim died.

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