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10 Interesting Facts About the Sun

Since physician and engineer found technology to observe the sun from the earth, they uncover fascinating facts or details that change old perception about the great star. In this post, I am going to share 10 interesting fact about the sun I recently found from different sources

1.Sun is Expanding

Sun is expanding and it is now larger than sun our ancestor saw view centuries ago. This time the size of the sun is 1,39 million km. It is amazingly huge so that it is sufficient to group 333.000 earths. Regrettably, we have no technology to survive under extreme nuclear environment and strong gravity. The gravity of the sun is 28 times stronger than the earth. Could our brain comprehend that force?

2. Sun is not yellow it is white

If we have access to stay on Alpha space station for a while, we would not see a yellow sun on the sky. Our atmosphere modifies the white rays of the sun and turns it yellow before it hit our eyes

3. Sun’s Fire needs no oxygen

As a star, sun makes produces lights independently from its nuclear fusion mechanism. Unlike fire on the earth, which consumes oxygen, Fire on the sun is burning Helium. On earth, we commonly use it to fuel balloon fly to the sky

4. Sun Must die

Although Sun is divine, Sun has an expiration date and scientists estimated that time would kill sun 4,6 to 6 billion years from now. Thousand years before that time, the expansion of sun would damage our atmosphere and all habitats behind it.

5. The end of Sun, The start of Ice age


fact about sun the end of sun and ice age 10 Interesting Facts About the SunFrozen Earth


The distance between sun and our planet is around 93 million km. Although the ray of the sun moves at speed of light, the light needs 8 minutes to reach our sky. If sun suddenly stops fusing unreasonably, that would be a prior of ice age and the end of days

6. Layers of the Sun

Scientists explain that sun composes 3 layers, core, radiate zone and convective zone. The core is the hottest spot of the sun and temperature varies spreads differently from time to time. NASA did not know what actual cause of the variations

7. Ultraviolet effect I

Sunray does not account to tanning or sunburn. It is ultraviolet radiation of the sun what makes our skin darker or browner. In certain occasion, cloud could not block the radiation.

8. Sun and Milky Way

Sun lives under the order of Milky Way. It circles the center of Milky Way that is located 26,000 light years away around every 225-250,000,000 years.

9. Sun composition

Scientifically, 2/3 mass of the sun is hydrogen and the remaining part is helium. Only 2% of Sun mass contain oxygen, iron, carbon, and others.

10. Ultraviolet effect II


fact about sun ultraviolet effect 10 Interesting Facts About the SunUltraviolet effect and Races


Some scientists believe Ultraviolet light account to the growth of different races or skin color variation on earth. Ultraviolet light also has an antiseptic effect and we can use it to sanitize water, or textiles. Our earth’s ozone controls the ultraviolet light density and it keeps the radiation compound on a safe level. It is why it is important to keep Ozone strong by lowering green house emission. This is our sun facts and if you want to ask something, you can comment this post

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