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10 New Features Introduced in Samsung Galaxy S III i9300

Samsung has just gotten on top of the mobile world over the past few years. It is a front runner when it comes to the number of smartphones it sold. At the same time, it is one of the solid leaders in Android systems. Therefore, with the new Samsung Galaxy S III i9300, it made a new very important step. This new gadget represents the latest release of the company and comes with an impressive quad core processor, a reliable camera of 8 MP and a 4.8” screen. It still runs with Ice Cream Sandwich, but it also brought in a few new features.




1. S Voice Personal Assistant

The S Voice is one of the most important new features. At the first view, it is some sort of Siri for Samsung devices, but once you dig deeper, this personal assistant is even better. There are not too many differences between S Voice and Siri, but how solid is this system? According to most testers, it can easily understand anything you say. The Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 producers claim their assistant is able to understand multiple languages. You can start it by saluting the phone. You may ask it to take a picture or just to get some details about the weather.



2. SmartStay Eye Tracking Technology

SmartStay is yet another new feature coming with the new Samsung Galaxy S III i9300. The function follows the user with the Eye Tracking technology, maintaining the display open for as long as the user keeps watching. This feature might influence a little the battery lifetime, since SmartStay uses the frontal camera of the device. But at the same time, it represents an excellent connection between technology and the humankind.



3. Smart Alert for Missed Events

The list of new features can easily go on. With the smart alert, you will be notified if you got any missed calls, messages or other events. Of course, most phones notify you through some beeps or some small lights. But this new system starts vibrating whenever you touch the phone. Otherwise, it is useless to keep notifying forever.



4. Split Screen for Videos & Applications

The innovative changes are far from being over. Just like the television world was “attacked” by the innovative ideas to split the screen, you can now do it with this amazing Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 too. You can play a video, but also deal with other applications. The video goes into a small window that floats around the window, while you have no problems using the other applications.



5. Curvy Design

If some people expect the design to be similar, it is not. Unlike the previous models, this one brings in a curvy look. The edges are rounded, giving it a more elegant and user friendly design. The gadget looks futuristic as well.



6. Amazing Screen Size

Another change in the design is the screen size. The new Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 is now 4.8”. With all these, the weight has not changed too much. Although it is a bit thicker than the previous version, there are no humps on the cover, which makes it actually thinner. All in all, it weighs 133g only.



7. Hyperglaze Technology for the Cover

The technology used for the cover is just as new in the process. It was entirely created by Samsung and it is referred to as Hyperglaze. It is actually a nice looking plastic that is more resistant.



8. MicroSIM Slot

Once you open the cover to check out the inside, you will be surprised to find out that your regular SIM is not working. It is not even fitting in. This is yet another change Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 brings in. Aside from the huge battery, you got a microSD slot, as well as a microSIM one. As for the storage, you got three different options. The larger one brings in 64GB of internal memory, while the smaller one goes down to 16GB. It is still quite enough.



9. Speedy Camera Features

As for the camera, you can now take 3.3 shots every second, immortalizing multiple moments in the same scene. Whether you use this function to create animated movies or funny collages, the feature is excellent and gives you the chance to take multiple shots.



10. Self Deciding Camera

The gadget is also smart enough to pick the best looking face from multiple shots, which is great for those who take dozens of pictures until they find one they like. This feature is more appropriate for the group shots. There is always someone who is caught in an awkward moment. With a few different shots, making the right decision is excellent.

These ten changes are just part of a new product that seriously takes the competition to a new level. With Samsung Galaxy S III i9300, the producer has just thinned the line between the humankind and technology even more.

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