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Top 10 Makeup Tips to Look Beautiful This Spring / Summer

Summer is all about the brightest and most unusual colors that you might be reluctant to wear at first but let me tell you, these are the colors which give you a glamorous and trendy look. Colors like yellow, bright green, blue, hot pink, orange, purple and so many other which are totally the ones which turn heads of everybody who crosses by you.
So what should be the makeup according to the dresses and especially the yellow that you are wearing, I have this post about the top 10 makeup tips for summer for you people and I hope you will love them.



1. The glamorous Lip color

There are two ways of making your lips either look sophisticated or giving a bold look, well if you are going for the sophisticated look then try for pinky peach colored lipstick as it gives you a smooth and trendy look and if you want to give a very bold and glamorous look then go for the RED lipstick as it is the one which looks amazing with the summer colors you wear.



2. Nude Eyes

Summer is not about the smoky eyes or sharp eye shades but giving them a smooth look with a light golden eye shade or similar shimmer to make your eyes beautiful and not overly done. Golden goes for the elegance and glamour look for your eyes.



3. Only Mascara

Mascara is so in, especially if you use mascaras of different other colors other than black like dark blue, rust, copper colored and many more. It makes your eyes look really pretty plus gives volume to your eye lashes plus do not use eye liner, but if you really want to use eye liner then go for a thin line.



4. Blush on

Go for the blush on similar to your eye shade to make your cheek bones elegant plus you can also go for different other light shades like dull pink and peach too.



5. Nude face

It is mostly said about the summer makeup that it is all about the nude face, as just use a little mascara and pink glossy lips and you are ready to go out. This type of makeup is totally not overly done but looks totally ravishing and cool in the hot summers.



6. Romantic and Flirty look

Elegance and simplicity which also gives a flirty look with lavender lids, blue and silverish eye shades and thick brows is no doubt the look for you for this summer. The lightly blushed cheeks with pink gloss gives you a glamorous touch but in totally simple and flirty way.



7. Gold hued lip gloss

As I mentioned the nude face look for you, why not use a little gold hued gloss or go for a pink or neutral lipstick with shinny gloss to focus your lips and also give you a neutral and unmade look.



8. Orange lips

Orange should be your new crush for this summer, golden-orange eye lids and cheek bones with bold orange lip color always makes you feel that it really is summer going on.



9. Luminous face with glamorous accessories

Try on no color on your lips with a little eye shade on the lids and glamorous accessories like hats, shades and earrings surely looks ravishing.



10. Sun-kissed cheekbones

Do not apply any make up but make your cheek bones look prominent, contour them in such a way that it looks sexy and glamorous.


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