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10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out

Today is the era of Super heroes, well the super heroes which we see in movies now days actually were the stars from the comic books and they are the very established, good looking, straight and mostly the male characters in the comics. If we talk about those characters which are in the comic books but need to come out of them well that surely needs some diversity as the already super hero fictional characters are the male ones, the handsome, the straight and of course the WHITE ONES, we remember them for what they are for a really long time.
So we have here this list of ten characters that can come out of the spandex closet, these characters are the female ones other than the second stringers, plus the gay heroes who can surely come out and they need to come out because that will bring diversity and change to the today’s super hero era. You will surely like these suggestions about these super heroes to be gay.
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Wonder Woman

wonderwoman 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out
Wonder Woman is basically the bisexual character from DC comics, she is the one very popular among the gay audience, as wonder woman is the character living among all the women with no men that surely shows her sexuality. But the wonder woman deserves to come out of the comic book closet as it will be a total break for the same themed super heroes




herculeshylas 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out
The same Greek character that you love, it is said that he has sexual orientation towards both sexes. As in the Marvel comics he has same sex lovers like Philoctetes, Nestor, Abderus, Eurystheus and many more. As Hercules is back in action again so by knowing his sexual orientation, I think it is going to be more fun than usual




catman 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out
CAT MAN is a DC comic is a bisexual but a confident one; he is from the comic Secret Six and was revealed as bisexual in May 2011. He is the first high profile bisexual male super hero in the DC Universe.



Shrinking Violet & Lightning Lass

lassandviolet 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out
This couple is the gay couple from the DC comics, it was confirmed that these two ladies were a couple when one called the other as “love”. When you read the comic the straight people won’t recognize the gay relationship so easily or sometimes the future writers ignore it but they actually portray the relationship, so it would be good to see them out of the spandex closet.



Steel Sterling

steelsterling2 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out
Steel Sterling is a gay super hero from the Archie Comics, well by looking at him you would not actually like him to be gay as it is so odd. The best thing that Archie Comics did was giving the title character to a gay superhero.




stormyukio 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out
Storm is the character from Marvel comics, you can recall her from the X-Men series but it is true that when she went through her Mohawk and leather phase that she has a relationship with the thief yokio. As we all know that she is married to the Black Panther but everybody should acknowledge her relationship with Yokio.



Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

harleyivy 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out
Harley Quinn is in love with Mistah J while the Ivy hates committed relationships so it is not so fair to get these girls into a proper relationship and call them a couple but the best part about DC is that they already have a huge collection of gay super heroes so obviously that will be asking for gay villains and these two make a perfect gay villain choice.




gambit 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out
Gambit is a comic character from Marvel comics; you won’t actually know abt Gambit as bisexual as there is not a single scene about him being bisexual but as he has these qualities of Casanova and the laissez-faire attitude that makes him quite a sexy person. If he’ll be the bisexual hero then it will increase the female readers of the comic book.



Tim Drake

timdrake 10 Superheroes Who Need To Come Out
Tim Drake is also known as Red Robin from the DC Comics and it is known about him that he had been in a relationship with a woman for past twenty years but this time the younger robin is expected to be gay by many people as they want him to have some bromance with the super boy, that will surely add spice to the comic.



Captain America

OK, Captain America being gay! Now that is shocking because he is the one who represents America but have you noticed that our captain America doesn’t have a love life and by making him gay that would spice things up and obviously will gather more readers and the story might get really better than before.

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