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10 Interesting California Facts

California, 31st state of US, is most populated state and a state with the most immigrants in the country, mainly come from Asia. A Portuguese, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, was the first explorer who claim the land of West Coast of North America for the behalf of Spain kingdom in 1542 before the land is named California. In their history, California is known as a land of gold, land of grape, land of tremors, and lands of thousands of cows. Here, we are going to explore 10 interesting facts about California include with the little detail. Let us check out the first one.

Fact 1; Basic things about California

california fact official grizly bear 10 Interesting California Facts
Grizzly Bear

California has many nicknames. View of them is Golden State, Land of Milk and Honey, and Grape state. California’s state official tree is Redwood, California’s state flower is poppy, and California’s state official animal is Grizzly Bear. It has joined the United States since 9 September 1850 or around the middle of California’s Gold Rush
Fact 2; Weird Laws in California
Most Californians apparently love butterflies and they have made special regulation to protect the animal. If you are captured molesting butterflies in public area or garden, Local police will charge you U$500 for it. Out of this issue, California State is the biggest turkey producer and distributor in US.

Fact 3: California Gold Rush fact
James W .Marshall trended California Gold Rush after he found chunk of gold in his property, which he named Sutter’s Mill, in 24 January 1848. His finding inspired other gold miners and hunters immigrated to California. From 1848 until 1855, plague of California Gold Rush hit the West coast land of California
Fact 4: Lowest and Highest point in US is in California
Death Valley and Mount Whitney is located in California’s state. Mount valley is standing 14,491 feet above sea level and the fact make the top of the mountain is known as the highest point in US. Miles from the mountain, California has Death Valley dessert. Beside the driest and hottest spot in US (135 degrees Celsius on 10 July 1913), Death Valley is recorded the lowest region in US. It is 282 feet below sea level or 86 meters.

Fact 5; State of Wine


California soil is suitable for grape. Thousand farmers in California planted their land with fine grape seeds. Every year, California State produces around 300 tons of raw grape and 17 millions gallons of wine.

Fact 6: Los Angeles quick fact
California’s crustal plate is actively moving mainly under the city of Los Angeles. Although it is invisible and insignificant, you deserve to know that every year; Los Angeles is moving 0.5 inch eastward and directs to San Gabriel Mountain.
Fact 7: World’s tallest and heaviest trees are in California.
Redwood Creek Tributary is woodland where Hyperion, tallest tree in the world (115 meters high), standing. The Tributary is a national park where other redwood giants growing. The trees are Helios (114 meters) and Orion (112 meters). Beside Redwood Creek Tributary, California has Sequoia national park. In this park, we can find General Sherman tree, which is known as the heaviest tree in the world. The weight is around 6,000 tons

Fact 8; California Tectonic Plate
California is one of the states in America with the most tectonic plate activities. Every year, Geologist recorded around 500,000 seismic tremors. Most are weak but some are too powerful. In 1994, Strong tremors shook Los Angeles and created mass hysteria.
Fact 9; Attractions of California
California has loads attractive objects and it would take hours to present them all. Two of those attractions are California State Railroad Museum of Sacramento and Castle Air museum. California State railroad museum is the largest railroad museum in North America and Castle air museum is popularly known as the largest military Aircraft museum in US. If you want to have busy and educative holiday with your family, these places will be perfect.

Fact 10: First McDonald restaurant

california fact first mcdonald 10 Interesting California Facts
First McDonald Restaurant

If you want to know the first location of McDonald Restaurant, the answer is in San Bernardino.

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