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Top 10 Little-Known Operating Systems

Operating System of a computer has a great significance, as you would surely not be able to interact with your computer if you don’t have an operating system in your computer plus you will be unable to run different utility programs that you require your system to perform. As it is type of the System software on which a lot of application software and utility software run. Operating System is the backbone of a computer, the major thing which makes you interact with your hardware as well as software.
All of you guys might be just aware of a few operating systems like the WINDOWS, well thanks to Bill Gates about it :p , so other than that we have Linux, Mac OS and so many others which you don’t know. So let me tell you about the top ten operating systems that you might not know about.



10. Darwin

Ok it is not that Darwin who proposed the theory of man being an ape :p but it is an open source operating system which belongs to the family of Unix OS and is programmed in c/c++. If you see the composition of Darwin OS you will find that it is the combination of Mac OS and neXTSTEP, BSD and other different free software projects. OSX, iOS and AppleTV were build on Darwin and it was also used to create a 32-bit ARM processor used in iPhone and iPad



9. FreeBSD

FreeBSD is again an operating system belonging to the family of Unix like OS as it cannot be called as Unix OS. FreeBSD code constitutes of many other operating system codes like OS X which is a very important part of it and yes a Unix branded. It is one of the most widely used BSD-derived OS. As the operating system is open source so its distribution and running is very much in process among many users.



8. ReactOS

ReactOS is another open source operating system programmed in c/c++ and belongs to Microsoft Windows- like OS family. The best part about the ReactOS is the drivers and application software compatibility which is so much easy and fast. As you might feel like it is a clone of Windows 95 too, it is programmed in c but some components are programmed in c++.



7. Solaris

Solaris is another open source operating system belonging to the UNIX family and programmed in C. Solaris is a creation of Sun Microsystems and owned by Oracle Corporation. This OS is very much scalable and has innovative features like DTrace, ZFS and Time Slider.



6. OpenBSD

OpenBSD is also a Unix like operating system descended from Berkeley Software distribution. With the help of the open source code it has become amazing with quality documentation. OpenBSD has many different features like security and has very strict policies regarding them.



5. AmigaOS

You might have heard about the Amiga personal computers so let us tell you that AmigaOS is a product of Amiga Personal Computers. It has a game console and came into market in 1985 with Amiga 1000. Due to the open source the code is available and different things are released.




As I mentioned above about the NEXTSTEP OS being used in other Operating systems well the best part about Nextstep OS is that it is an Object Oriented and multitasking operating system. This operating system is very much amazing because of the owner of Apple inc. that is one other than Steve Jobs ho started it in 1986 as he left Apple and started next.



3. ATheOS

AtheOS is again an amazing operating system which was developed with an open source. It is a widely used operating system that can run on almost most of the machines like Intel, AMD and other processors. ATheOS has the capability of multitasking and is very much efficient.



2. SkyOS

Robert Szeleney has made one of the very fine OS after 10 years of constant struggle and hence came up with SkyOS which was a prototype commercial and has a very graphical desktop interface. This OS resembles very much like Windows OS but lacks a few features.



1. Slax

Slax also belong to the family of Linux OS and is creation of Tomas Matejicek. It is also referred as “Pocket Operating System” as it has packages available on different websites where you can build a Slack ISO image and customize it according to your needs.

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