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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities of The World in 2012

When we talk about the expensive cities, it means the cost of living in a particular city. According to the economist survey the standard kept to analyze the expensive cities of the world was New York as it is placed on 47th number but has a score of 100. That means every country that has the living situations greater than New York is considered to be expensive in some percentage.
So, we have here the list of top ten most expensive cities of the world in the year 2012 for you guys with the stats from the Economist Intelligence Unit Worldwide Cost of Living Survey. You will no doubt be quiet amazed with the ranking as you’ll be seeing some cities were so expensive a few years ago and now some other cities have taken the spot.



10. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the fifth largest city of Germany and second largest metropolitan region. Frankfurt is one of the most busiest and beautiful cities of Germany. It has the best financial and transportation center of the whole Europe. It has the seven large commercial banks headquarters like Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, German Federal Bank and many more. It also has one of the largest terminal stations in Europe.



9. Singapore

Singapore is a city-state which was part of Malaysia. Singapore is known best for its fourth leading financial center, has world’s second largest casino gambling market and third world’s best oil refining center. Singapore is famous because it is the easiest place to do business and has the third highest GDP PPP per capital and that makes it as one of the wealthiest states of the world. It is 42% more expensive than the standard.



8. Melbourne

Melbourne is the second most populous city of Australia, and it comes in the World’s most livable cities of the world, whether you are living in Sydney or Melbourne you would not find much price difference. Melbourne is also famous for its largest tram network plus the city has the best universities that come in the top ten global university cities.



7. Sydney

Sydney is the state capital and most populous city of Australia. Sydney is ranked among the top global cities in the world and also come in the top ten most livable cities of the world. Sydney also hosts the major International events of the world like Olympics and British Empire Games and many more.



6. Paris

Paris is one of the most amazingly beautiful cities of Europe and almost everybody has this wish of being at this exquisite place with style. This amazing city of France is called the city of love and is the most populated metropolitan areas in Europe. Living cost is more than 45% here as compare to the standard.



5. Oslo

The fifth most expensive country of the world is Oslo the capital of Norway. Norway is just so lucky to have this city as a part of it as it is the most populous city of Norway and is important for the cultural, scientific, economic and governmental point of views. Oslo was ranked on number one in terms of large cities who provide Quality of life.



4. Geneva

Swiss currency is the strongest currency and when you want to live in a city in Switzerland obviously you would have to pay some price for it. Geneva has rose from 9th position to 4th one in just so less time and it is the thirteenth most important financial center of the world. Geneva provides the third highest Quality of life in a large city.



3. Osaka

Osaka is the beautiful city of Japan and the “nation’s kitchen as it was the center of rice trading. If Tokyo and Osaka are compared then Osaka has a very little cost difference, Osaka is also a very expensive city as the Japanese currency is very much strong and hence when you want to live there, you need to pay the price.



2. Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the world’s most populous city. It has the world’s best urban agglomeration economy. It takes the second spot on the list as it is 66% more expensive than New York.



1. Zurich

Switzerland has its two most beautiful cities in the most expensive cities list and Zurich no doubt takes the first spot, since the last two decades it was Tokyo and Tokyo! But this year Zurich has taken the first spot and become the most expensive city of the world with 70% more living cost than New York.

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