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Top 10 Most efficient dietings

You don’t need to wait for another new year just to make a better health resolution for yourself. Yes, it’s not about other people but it’s all about the status of your health. If there is one thing that you should prioritize in order for you to achieve other important priorities, it is none other than your health. The old adage “Health is Wealth” determines the longevity of your existence here on earth. If you know how to take good care of yourself, then you’ll live longer just like Methuselah who was known as the oldest human being who has lived not just one hundred years, but almost 1000 years here on earth, which can be read in the Old Testament in the Bible. The number one of cause of death is due to obesity that results to various health complications such as high blood, cardiovascular diseases, and worst is death. In order to shed off excess pounds on your standard weight, you have to try one of these top 10 most effective diets that would surely work for you because it did work to others.

10. Food Combining

This type of diet allows you to group the food that you have so you could have proper and faster digestion. We have to remember that digestion is an important process in our body system that would distribute the food that we take where digestion breaks them down into energy that would sustain the body, instead of formation or conversion of it into fats. It means that you have to first eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates, separate from protein rich foods, and so with other groups. Hence, it promotes consumption or intake of more vegetables and fruits than the earlier groups.

9. Zone Diet

It is also known as the palm-sized diet wherein you would get a small portion of protein from the snacks or meals that you have. The goal is for you to consume lesser amounts of carbohydrates by including juices and choosing meals with low-carb content. This is where healthy planning and buying comes into the picture in order to keep you focused on your goal.


top ten efficient dietings

It stands for Diet Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Its main focus is to cut on foods that contain high levels of saturated fats, which contribute to the formation or storage of it in the body that actually blocks the regular flow of the blood in the veins. It means that you have to slow down or decrease the portion of meat intake while increasing intake of fruits, potassium, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, fish, and brown rice. It also includes the lower intake of sugary foods.

7. Meal Replacement

top 10 efficient dietings

This is one of the quickest ways to lose weight and is indeed one of the top 10 most effective diets that can be followed by anyone who have been working on different diet plans just to shed some weight. It is called meal replacement because you have to replace the regular meals that you have at home into healthy equivalents with lesser calorie intake. The best example of which is through shakes, wherein you have to buy tons of fruits at home that would serve as your two-full meals for that day equivalent to standard full-ranged breakfast and lunch. You would notice that dinners or midnight snacks have been excluded since it’s advisable that people should consume lesser amounts of food in the evening. Included in this diet are snacks which could be fruits or soups.

6. Detox Diet

top 10 efficient dietings

This kind of diet is based on the belief that humans eat more toxins from the food available in the market these days. It is because of the unhealthy additives, ingredients, preservatives, and other alcoholic drinks, which are not good in our body. This process is called detoxification, which is a healthier way of cleansing your internal system by flushing out all the toxins by maintaining the intake of juices, vegetables, herbal teas, and don’t forget  lots of water. This is like half way of fasting wherein you would experience sudden weight loss. It’s up to you as to how long you would maintain this kind of diet.

5. Low Fat Diet

top 10 efficient dietings

This is actually a drastic way of cutting your intake of food that has high levels of fat, such as oil, butter, junk foods or chips, cheeses, chocolates, sweets, and of course, red meats. Hence, it does not mean that you would just pick on food that indicates low-fat, but at times that have high levels of salt, which is also risky to your health. It is a very strict diet, but you would see the results in the quickest amount of time, demanding a great measure of self discipline and control.

4. Drink Water Before You Take Your Meal

top 10 efficient dietings

In all of your diet programs and meals that you have planned, it would become more effective if you would drink one or two glasses of water before taking your meal. This would speed up the digestion process of the food that you would take.

3. Eat Fruits Before You Take Your Meal

top 10 efficient dietings

People are accustomed in eating fruits after the stomach has been filled already. The pattern is actually wrong. Along with the water that has been indicated on the 4th item in this top 10 most effective diets; you have to eat fruits before meals in order to prepare the whole body system in increasing enzymes and speeding up the process of digestion. The result ends up having all the food that would be eaten in specific meals being converted into energy or having them excreted and sweated out from the body.

2. Drink One Liter of Water in the Morning

top 10 efficient dietings

When we say drink one liter of water in the morning, it means that as soon as you wake up, you should not do anything but get a liter of water and drink it right away. Of course, you have to do it gradually until you have consumed the last drop of water. This is a healthy way of detoxifying your body every day, wherein it would naturally flush out all the toxins that you have take in to your body, even before you do your rituals for the day.

1. Eat Your Breakfast

top 10 efficient dietings

You could forget your lunch and dinner but you should not skip eating the most important meal of the day. You would need much amount of energy for your activities all day long. Much of the people who are keeping their breakfast consistently are healthier than those who skip meals.

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