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Top 10 Interesting Beluga Whale Facts

The beluga whale facts listed here are interesting to read in case you are fascinating with any kinds of whales in the ocean. This animal is famous with the nick name of sea canaries. It is regarded as essentially the most vocal species. This water animal carries a wonderful ability. It can swim backwards. Beluga is definitely related to narwhal. Both animals are within the family of Monodontidae. In order to find out about beluga whale facts, let%u2019s see this list.

1. Length

The initial point of Beluga whale facts lets us know about the length of this animal. Normally, this animal is 32 feet long. The extra weight can reach seven tons. The scientific name of the animal is Merandus Bemans Spuriosious.

top 10 beluga whale

Beluga whale facts: cute Beluga Whale

2. Food

Beluga whales are carnivorous animals. They want to easy harp seal and tuna since the main menu. Sometimes, they also attack man, but it’s kind of rare. This animal is estimated to live for approximately 75 around century.

Beluga whale facts: attractive beluga whale

3. Reproduction

Another point of Beluga whales is among the reproduction. The mating process of this animal only occurs once in most twenty years. The gestation period is just four weeks. This animal will give birth for 7-8 babies referred to as Piddlins.

Beluga whale facts: baby beluga whale

4. Habitat

If you want to see the look of this animal on the ocean, you can visit the coastal division of Greece. The Scandinavian water is the perfect destination to view this animal. The migration happens in winter to achieve the Patagonia Coast.

Beluga whale facts: beluga whale bubble

5. Population

The scientists have made an estimation in connection with the people with this animal. They presume that this beluga whales living in the ocean tend to be than seventeen million. The population is not threatened by other animals.

Beluga whale facts: white beluga whale

6. intelligence qutoient

This beluga whale is one of the most intelligent animals on earth. It features a large forehead linked to intelligence. The IQ on this smart water animal is approximately 155. This level is genius should you have a look at the amount of human IQ.

Beluga whale facts: small beluga whale

7. discovery of beluga whale

The very first discovery on this animal happened in 1719 by Spanish explorers. This animal actually isn’t really a whale. It is owned by marlin and sailfish for Beluga is a water fish that you can see swimming and diving sailing.

Beluga whale facts: skeleton

8. Depth

This animal is extremely good swimmier and diver. It can dive around 800 meter underwater. This diving activity may be conducted by the Beluga whales for about 30 minutes.

9. Threat

However the population from the animals just isn’t threatened, beluga whales are be subject to extinction. The threat might be in the form of hunting, climatic change, water pollution, gas development, oil industry and factory.

10. Beluga word

The term beluga in the this animal sounds unique. It hails from the Russian word, bielo. In English, it means white. In the event the beluga whale was given birth to, your skin layer is dark gray. Skin will develop into white after eight years.

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