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10 Super Wonder Boy in the World

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10 Super Wonder Boy in the World 1. Kim Ung-Yong: Highest IQ in the world Born in 1962, Son of Korea was crowned as the human genius in the whole world. Imagine the Unur 4 years, he was able to read Japanese characters, Korean, German, English. At age 5 he was able to solve problems in a matter of calculus. He registered himself in the Guinness Book of World Records with the "Highest IQ" 210. 2. Gregory Smith: Getting the Nobel Prize At Age 12 Born in 1990, Gregory Smith... [ Read More... ]

Son of Dog-faced Man

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Son of Dog-faced Man Below is a photo of a puppy born with a human-shaped face. This puppy was born in Umbauba, Sergipe, Brazil. Actually, when viewed closely, the puppy is more like a pig than a human. Some say that this may be due to defects that brought this dog. And other theories saying that the puppy is poisoning the waters so that their parent body and his face had anomalies. Or .... are a mystical event ... who knows? Poor little guy... [ Read More... ]

10 Of The World’s Tallest Women

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10 Of The World’s Tallest Women Yao Defen ( 7ft 8in - 233 cm) Yao Defen claims to be the tallest woman in the world, with 7' 8" (233 cm). She weighs 200 kg (440 lbs) and has size 26 (UK) / 78 (EU) feet. Her gigantism is due to a tumor in her pituitary gland. Sandy Allen (7ft 7¼in - 232 cm) Sandy Allen appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records since 1976 --and until 2008, when she died-- as the tallest woman in the world. She was 7' 7¼ " (232 cm) in... [ Read More... ]

10 People who claimed to have taken to hell

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10 People who claimed to have taken to hell 1. PDT. PHILLIP MANTOFA Taken to hell by God on January 1, 2000. There he saw how people who do not know the Lord tormented by demons continuously without stopping. He saw that pit without a bottom and saw a woman who likes to cheat and guys who love to masturbate is being tortured. 2. `JENNIFER PEREZ God brought down to hell on May 2, 1997. At that time he was only 15 years. In hell he saw demons torturing the souls of the unsaved.... [ Read More... ]

Weird monster stranded on the coast of Guinea

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Weird monster stranded on the coast of Guinea On May 14, 2007, residents around the coast of Guinea, West Africa were struck by a strange monster that is not known. This creature is in almost decayed indicating that this creature was dead before the stranding. This creature has four feet fins, tail and long hair. Scientists who investigated said that these creatures never seen before, but until now its kind still unclassified by modern... [ Read More... ]

Giant jellyfish Ready invade Japan

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Giant jellyfish Ready invade Japan The Japanese researchers currently busy monitoring akitivitas giant jellyfish in the waters of China and they will commemorate the invasion of these creatures into Japanese waters in the near future is potentially catastrophic. A similar incident had occurred in 2005. Researchers Japanese marine capture worrying signals about the increasing number of jellyfish Nomura - a giant jellyfish that can grow up to 2 meters in diameter and weighs 220... [ Read More... ]

Business Communication with Aliens

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Business Communication with Aliens Stories about UFOs we've heard, thousands of documentation is considered a hoax, but how to explain some of the documentation is authentic .? Currently his future projects are shown to develop anti-radar technology (Stealth Technology), unmanned surveillance aircraft (UAVs or Unmanned Aerial vehicles) and aircraft (UCAVs, Unmanned combat aerial vehicles), allows to browse at high speed at cruising area very high, known as the "AURORA".... [ Read More... ]

Creepy Places in the World

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Creepy Places in the World 1. Bermuda Triangle Hearing the Bermuda Triangle of course everyone knows about the awesomeness place. Mystery of the loss of several ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle region certainly makes everyone terrified. There is also believed to be the dwelling place of Satan is also believed to be the Bermuda Triangle and UFO bases. The place is located between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan (Puerto Rico). The most interesting story is the... [ Read More... ]

Secret Behind Mona Lisa Smile

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Secret Behind Mona Lisa Smile Mystery smile indicated Monalisadalam famous portrait paintings of Leonardo da Vinci finally revealed. German academics feel confident they have solved the mystery that has lasted several centuries behind the identity of a beautiful girl who becomes the object of his famous paintings. Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a wealthy businessman Florence, Francesco del Giocondo, has long been regarded as the most likely model for the painting of the... [ Read More... ]

3 Hours Trapped in the Past

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3 Hours Trapped in the Past August 4, 1951, dawn had not yet dawned. The sea roared by patter waves that hit coastal reefs in Puys, France. Dawn quiet and peaceful. Yet that day turned into a frightening experience for the two female British tourists who were vacationing at Puys. Puys, a seaside village near the port of Dieppe in Normandy, France become an alternative tourist locations with views of the coast, shoals, reefs and cliffs. Romantic for some people... [ Read More... ]

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