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10 fastest animals in the world

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10 fastest animals in the world 1. CHEETAH - 70 Miles / hour (112 km / h) Cheetah is the fastest living creature that ever lived on land, can reach speeds of 112 km / h to 120 km / h on the track along the 460M (500yard), its ability to accelerate also can not be matched to any living creature, the cheetah can reach speeds of 0 km / h up to 110 km / h in just 3 seconds! 2. Antelope - 61 Miles / hour (80 km / h) The animal was also suspected as the second... [ Read More... ]

3 Oldest Tree in The World

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3 Oldest Tree in The World Bristlecone Pine 4200 years Pine is a tree of the family Pinaceae that we can find anywhere and anytime as long as the area's sandy calcareous soil, plenty of water or that have a fairly high acidity. We can find this tree starting from Siberia, Scotland, Norway, Spain's Canary Islands, the Philippines, the Himalayas until all corners of New Zealand, Brazil and Chile. This tree is famous because in addition to live everywhere also have... [ Read More... ]

8 Facts Causes Men Cheating

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8 Facts Causes Men Cheating 1. New adventures Almost no men who have a plan for cheating. Normally, the drive appears suddenly. They do it because it felt it as a new and different adventure - that's it! 2. There is an opportunity Not infrequently, he had an affair because of the opportunities just fall into their laps. It often makes them feel miserable as hell, because they still want to feel good about themselves. 3. Spontaneous reaction Decide for cheating... [ Read More... ]

Mysterious Animals from around the world

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Mysterious Animals from around the world HERE ARE Mysterious Animals that lurk out there in the dark, that haunt the isolated forests of the world, that hide in the icy depths of the deepest lakes. They appear unexpectedly and inexplicably, then vanish just as mysteriously, usually leaving witnesses dumbfounded, frightened and, unfortunately in most cases, without a shred of evidence. Yet the eyewitness stories of these creatures persist, haunting the darkness as well as our... [ Read More... ]

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